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Stamping Safety Common Sense
Jan 23, 2017

Stamping is one of the relatively high incidence of type of work, many bloody lessons also remind us from time to time, security work must be constant attention. Stamping of every employee should be "safe" two words in mind, adhering to the "safety first, prevention first" security policy. Should be in the stamping workshop
Matters needing attention in order to guarantee the safety in production, the operation personnel safety education, attaches great importance to the safe operation, and establish the necessary rules and regulations of safety management and safety inspection agencies for the supervision of the mass. Therefore, stamping employees must strictly abide by the rules and regulations.
1, workers entered the work site, are not allowed to wear a scarf, not wear high-heeled shoes, slippers, sandals, etc: smoking is not permitted.
2, before work, good company unified overalls, gloves must be worn, prohibits cuff loosen, such as into the production site must wear safety helmet, female workers shall not keep long hair in the outside. 3, when operating, must concentrate, careful operation, the press of people operation, it is important to note that cooperate with each other.
4, it is forbidden to use work gloves to touch and touch.
5, it is forbidden to work time drinking and drunk (4 hours) before mount guard duty operation of machine tool.
6. If you are alcohol, narcotics (including the doctor prescribed drugs or reduce mental attention and judgment of medicines) affect workers, it is forbidden to work at his position. 7. It is strictly prohibited during working hours playing or leave without permission, duty, etc, so as not to affect the workers, the workers scattered attention, etc.
8. "when lifting personnel must conductor; "After the throw rope lifting personnel is strictly prohibited.
9. Should not do STH without authorization by the alarm or other sudden stop button in case of damage to the equipment.
10. Shall not without authorization to enter work has nothing to do with the warehouse, high-pressure, lab, computer room, ventilation rooms, archives and other important.
11. It is strictly prohibited to unlicensed operation equipment or the equipment to the no license without authorization operation.
12. The fire protection area, shall not violate the ban, it is strictly prohibited to use naked light. If must be hot, need to be dealt with to the relevant departments of the hot card.