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Metal Stamping Mould Maintenance And Maintenance
Jan 23, 2017

The service life of metal stamping die and stamping die structure design, selection of stamping die steel and heat treatment, surface treatment, mechanical processing and grinding, wire cutting process, stamping equipment, materials and technology, stamping mould lubrication and maintenance level of many factors. Which cause failure factors of stamping die, stamping die structure is not reasonable, improperly accounted for about 25% of select material, improper heat treatment accounted for about 45%, technology title accounted for about 10%; Equipment subject, smooth factors accounted for about 20%. Gold stamping after installation should pay attention to maintenance, prevent rust erosion. In daily use to light off light, prevent hard off the hard drive, damage. The following is how to prevent damage of metal stamping parts:
1, the friction hinge shall not adopt aluminum alloy material, stainless steel materials should be adopted.
2, push-pull window of width more than 1 meter, or installed double glass Windows and doors, should set up the double pulley, or choose to move the pulleys.
This article from the gentry suitable hardware
3, hardware accessories should be the final installation, door locks, handles, etc should be in window door leaf into the box after the assembly, guarantee the accuracy of the position, switch is quick.
4, with fastening screw mounting hardware, it is necessary with metal liner, liner thickness should be greater than fasteners teeth at least twice the distance. Shall not be tightened on the plastic material, also shall not use non-metal lining.
5, use type, specification and function of hardware fittings in accordance with the current national scale and the relevant designated, and match the selection of window of model steel door. This article from the gentry suitable hardware
6, metal stamping parts installed to pay more attention to maintenance, prevent the erosion of rust. In daily use to light off light, prevent hard off the hard drive, damage.