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Deals With The Problems Of Common Stamping Production
Jan 23, 2017

In daily production, will encounter punching small or large size (likely beyond specification) and the punch size is large, in addition to consider the design of the forming of convex and concave die size, machining accuracy and blanking clearance and other factors, also should consider the following several aspects to solve.
(1). The cutting blade wear, material by the tensile stress increases, stamping parts produced material, distortion tends to increase. Produce double way, punching size will be small.
(2). On the material pressure, make the material produces plastic deformation, can lead to punching size is big. And reduce pressure, punching size will be small.
(3). Punch edge end shape. Such as end slope or arc, due to slow down the blanking force, salt pieces not easily get turn, twist, therefore, the punching size is big. And punch end plane (no slope or arc), punching size is relatively small.
In concrete production practice, we should make a concrete analysis for concrete problems, so as to find out the method to solve the problem.
Mainly introduces the blanking, stamping turn makings, twisted causes and countermeasures.

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