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The type of high speed precision stamping parts and technical characteristics
Jan 23, 2017

High speed precision stamping press industry, purpose and process characteristics can be divided into electronic components, IC integrated circuit lead frame, motor iron core, electric iron core, auto parts, home appliance parts, and other types. Parts mainly include connecting device, connector, brush, electrical terminals, elastic parts, etc.
High speed precision stamping parts
IC lead frame mainly consists of discrete device lead frame and IC lead frame. Motor iron core consists of single-phase series motor iron core, single-phase household motor iron core, a single phase mask pole motor iron core, a permanent magnet dc motor iron core, industrial motor iron core, encapsulation of the stator iron core, etc. Electric iron core is mainly contains E glyph transformer core, EI transformer core, i-section transformer core, as well as other transformer iron chips, etc. Auto parts mainly include automobile structure, automobile function. Home appliance parts mainly contains all electric parts, such as color tube gun parts, as well as the small home appliance parts, all kinds of structure and function, etc. Other parts include instrumentation parts, IT mainly parts, acoustics and video parts, modern office with parts and hardware products, etc.
High speed precision stamping technology has the variety and diversity of materials, large sheet coil, automated production batch, high precision and complex shape, high technology content and added value, etc.

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