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The function of the metal stamping pieces of shrapnel is introduced
Jan 23, 2017

Stamping shrapnel: widely used in machinery and equipment manufacturing, electronics, electrical appliances, computer, mobile phone CARDS, mobile phone antenna, headphones, audio socket, plug, micro motors, sensors, automotive instrument light touch switch, medical equipment, PCB shield and so on electronic industry field.
Metal stamping pieces of shrapnel what function?
(1) can control the mechanical movement, such as the inside of the internal combustion engine valve shrapnel and clutch control of shrapnel, etc.
(2) can store and output energy for power, such as mobile phone card class shrapnel and shrapnel in the antenna, and so on.
(3) to absorb vibration and impact of energy, such as car and train car cushion of shrapnel and coupling vibration absorbing shrapnel, etc.
(4) can be used as a load components, such as force-measuring device and shrapnel shrapnel in scale and so on.
The load and deformation of the shrapnel stiffness than called shrapnel, the stiffness, the greater the shrapnel harder. If, in accordance with the mechanical properties of the shell can be divided into compression shrapnel and bending shrapnel, etc., if the shape classification can be divided into shape for the S type, type C, rounded, Z, spoon and so on.

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