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Tensile stamping mould care matters
Jan 23, 2017

1, regular wheel of tensile stamping punch and die installed base for inspection, to ensure that the coaxial precision of the wheel up and down.
2, tensile metal stamping parts installed before the use should need strict inspection, and remove dirt, carefully check whether tensile stamping parts of the guide sleeve and die good lubrication.
3, in order to guarantee the life of the tensile stamping parts, of the mould to change the spring, should also be regularly to prevent spring fatigue damage impact tensile stamping use.
4, stamping personnel should be used when installing the mold with a softer metals (such as copper, aluminum, etc.) made tool operation, prevent the installation process, hit the damage tensile stamping parts.
5, tensile stamping punch and die immediately stop using the blade wear, grinding in time, otherwise it will rapidly expanding mold parts wear degree, accelerate the mould wear and tear, lower the quality of stamping and die life.
In June, according to mould the installer will intensive installed on the rotary table, ensure the concavo-convex tensile stamping direction is consistent, especially with the requirements of the direction (non circular and square) more attentively tensile stamping parts, prevent the wrong, installed backwards.
Tensile service life of the stamping parts, in addition to depends on the reasonable mould structure, high manufacturing accuracy, good treatment effect and correctly choose punching, stretching the outside factors, such as stamping parts installation accuracy, mold the correct use, maintenance and maintenance is also an important link.

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