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How to determine stamping triode three pins
Jan 23, 2017

Stamping triode, full name should be semiconductor triode, also known as bipolar transistor, the transistor, the effect of the semiconductor device is a kind of control current is weak signal amplification into larger amplitude value of electrical signals, and is also used as a non-contact switch.
How to determine three pin stamping triode: first measure each pin potential, two of the pin potential difference of 0.2-0.7, and the third lowest foot potential, and then the pipe for PNP, potential from low to high alignment of collector, the base and emitter respectively.
Stamping triode is on a semiconductor substrate is made within easy reach of two p-n junction, two the entire piece of semiconductor PN junction is divided into three parts, the middle section is the base area, on both sides of the part is the emitter and collector area, arranged a PNP and NPN two.

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